Tired at work? Feeling the after lunch sleepiness? Fear not for the energy box is here! Packed full of fruits that are brimming with glucose and fiber, the energy box aims to give that extra energy shock on those tired afternoons. Curb your cravings with healthier alternatives!

Fruits here are chosen based on their high levels of carbohydrates, fiber, iron and water content. Fruit carbs replenish drained glycogen levels in your body to provide you with that energy boost you need in the middle of a tiring day. If you’re looking for that extra kick, the energy box will do the trick!


Velvety sweet with firm and creamy flesh, bananas come packed full of essential nutrients, most notably Potassium and Vitamin B6 which the body needs for optimum function. They also effectively satiate and provide quick energy boosts.

KEY BENEFIT: The unique combination of portability and a wide mix of energy giving nutrients make them very popular among endurance athletes.

Apple Red

With a huge range of anti-oxidants and unique polyphenol matrix, the apple is a nutritional powerhouse that boosts immunity, fights cancer and asthma, supports the heart, aids with weight loss and improves overall health.

KEY BENEFIT: Decreases oxidation of cell membrane fats providing an effective defense against heart problems.


With its unique flavor, high profile nutrients, and health-promoting qualities, guavas a must have for any diet. Especially great for diabetics and those on weight loss diets as its low GI and high fiber content limits sugar absorption.

KEY BENEFIT: Extremely high levels of Vitamin C and fiber makes it an especially effective weight loss food. The Vitamin C encourages fat burn while the fiber satiates and suppresses cravings.


Avocados are extremely nutritious and pack a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals which makes them a staple in many healthy diets. They are also unique due to their high levels of healthy fats which satiate and lower cholesterol.

KEY BENEFIT: Dense, all rounded nutritional profile which contains virtually every type of vitamin, minerals galore and a huge range of healthy fats.

Pear Golden

With a mild, sweet taste and a fibrous center, pears are rich in important antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fiber. Pears are especially great for combating hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

KEY BENEFIT: Pears are a hypoallergenic food, meaning it’s especially great for infants or those with many allergies or very sensitive stomachs.

dragon fruit

An exotic looking fruit with a surprising number of antioxidants, good fatty acids and a variety of micronutrients, dragon fruits are a great choice in any diet. It’s also high in fiber and water which makes for an energizing snack.

KEY BENEFIT: Dragon Fruit seeds are high in healthy fats that reduce triglycerides and lower the risk of cardiovascular disorders.


Pineapples are excellent energy giving fruits due to the high levels of manganese and B vitamins present. Also high in vitamin C and other trace minerals like copper, the pineapple is a sweet all rounded nutritional powerhouse.

KEY BENEFIT: Presence of the enzyme bromelain which aids in digestion, reduces inflammation and inhibits tumor growth.