FruitBoss is an awesome office fruit delivery service that goes above and beyond in meeting the fruity nutritional needs of all hardworking employees. Gone are the days of dealing with old stuffy fruit wholesale uncles that don’t take your office orders seriously.

We’re here to revolutionize office fruit deliveries by providing unique fruit themes, exceptional service and quality produce all tailored to your office needs!

So bosses, if you’re looking for some kickass fruit deliveries for your employees look no further! We’re here for you. 

An unhealthy workforce is a huge drain on productivity, performance and ultimately profits. Indirect costs of poor health including absenteeism, disability, or reduced work output may be several times higher than direct medical costs.

Studies show that a healthy employee is up to 20% more productive than an unhealthy employee.

Productivity losses related to personal and family health problems cost U.S. employers $1,685 per employee per year, or $225.8 billion annually. That’s a scary figure. Healthy employees therefore equal a healthy bottom line!

And that’s where FruitBoss comes in! We believe having fruits at work is a direct solution to the health issues our workers face today.

For Employer

  • Improved Productivity (Up to 20% more)
  • Less Absenteeism, more motivated employees
  • Attractive work environment, More job satisfaction
  • And most importantly, more profits!

For Employees

  • Better Overall Health, protection against diseases
  • Increased Alertness, Less Fatigue
  • Increased Sense of Well Being

Ok I get it, now you’re psyched and looking to order. How you ask? It’s very simple. Just check out the available fruit themes we have below and choose one!

Each theme consists of a specific health goal and has a unique fruit mix dedicated to meeting that goal. Example, for IMMUNITY we have specially chosen fruits that are high in Vitamin C, antioxidants and anti-cancer capabilities.

When you’ve made your choice click on the order button below and send us the details of your order!

Whether you’re a massive MNC or a stealthy SME, having office fruits is an excellent way to keep employees happy, healthy and engaged! Our standard boxes can supply an office of 20 to 30 pax for at least a week. However, we are flexible and it’s no issue if your pax is a lot less or more. Just let us know your specific needs and we’ll customize a package just for you!

How To Get Started:

Browse the Boxes Above and Choose 

Look through our box themes above and decide on a box that best suit your office needs! If you have trouble deciding, we recommend starting with the Essential box as a start and try the other boxes on subsequent orders. We also allow customization so let us know your exact needs and we’ll work something out just for you! 

Contact us to Place Your Order

Once you’ve decided, contact us via phone at 6778 2621 or email at contact[at] and let us know the following details:

  • Your Name and Contact
  • Your Company
  • No of Pax
  • Box Choice
  • Delivery Timeline
  • Requested Box Adjustments (if any)

Confirm Order Details and Arrange Delivery

Once your information has been received we will liaise with you within 24 hours and settle all the specifics of your order. All custom requirements, queries and doubts will be clarified here. Your order details like box choice, pax, delivery schedule, payment terms etc. will also be confirmed in full before we make the delivery arrangements.

Delivery Arrives, Make Payment and Receive Your Fruits!

Once all details have been confirmed, we will make the delivery arrangements. Your fruits will be sent on the agreed upon dates and depending on payment terms, payment is made accordingly once fruits have been received. We accept cash on delivery, bank transfers and checks. Credit terms apply only on a case by case basis. Once settled, enjoy your fruits!

Which Fruit Box should I choose?

The boxes are specifically themed to many of the lifestyle and diet benefits we seek from fruits. Choose the box with the benefit that you want the most! If you really can’t decide, try out the Essentials Box as a start. You can move on to other boxes on subsequent orders. Here’s a summary of their benefits:

  • Essentials are filled with popular fruits that give a full range of health benefits.
  • Immunity is filled with fruits high in antioxidants and Vitamin C and aims to build up the body’s immune system.
  • Energizer is filled with fruits high in fiber and low GI carbs with help satiate and give an energy boost.
  • Beauty is filled with fruits high in Vitamin A, C and E for maximal benefits to skin and hair.
  • Weight Loss is filled with fruits high in fiber and other fat burning compounds to aid in weight loss diets.
How many fruits are there in the boxes? How many pax can they accommodate?

Our boxes can supply 20 to 30 pax for up to a week. The quantity of fruits is a big variable depending on the type of fruit and box so it’s difficult to list exactly how many of each. Rest assured though, there will be more than enough fruits for everyone. Contact us directly if you want to find out more! Note that we allow for customization as well, we can adjust the quantity to suit your office size, so order with peace!

Can we customize the box?

Yes you can! Just choose the last option “Custom Box” and we will customize a solution for you. We are also open to adjusting the standard themed boxes to better suit your needs. So just let us know what changes you’d like and we can work out the details.

When and how often are deliveries done?

Our delivery trucks go out every day from 9am to 4pm except on Sundays and Public Holidays. Once your order has been confirmed you can expect to receive your fruits within 48 hours.

Where do you deliver to and are there delivery costs?

We deliver to locations all over Singapore. Delivery is free for purchases of at least $120. All standard box purchases are free as they are priced at $120 or more. The only exception is when a customized order goes below $120, in this case a delivery fee of $20 will be charged. Take note, certain locations (E.g. Sentosa, Jurong Island) require additional charges due to entry fees, this will be charged accordingly to the customer.

How are the fruits in each box chosen?

Our fruits are chosen based on the specific benefits they provide to the relevant theme. For example, for immunity building, fruits high in Vitamin C and antioxidants are prioritized. We also choose fruits that are available all year round so we can provide a standard offer without being exposed to seasonal changes.

What are your prices?

Our essential box is priced at $118, the rest are $138 each. We also have customized quotes for individual fruits that are available on request. Certain fruits are also subject to seasonal price changes depending on market conditions. All prices stated here are not inclusive of GST.

How do we place an order?

You can place an order by sending us an email here. Let us know the following details: Your chosen box, No of Pax, Delivery Location, contact info and dates needed. We will follow up with the specifics from there.

How do we make payment?

We accept cash on delivery, bank transfers and checks. Credit terms apply only on a case by case basis. Payment is made upon delivery of the fruits.

My office has a lot of people, are you able to accommodate?

We currently serve a huge range of client types and can cater to both small and large offices. We also have a robust infrastructure replete with a fleet of delivery trucks, so whether you’re an SME or a MNC we’ll customize a solution just for you!

We require regular office fruit deliveries, are you able to do that?

Yes, definitely. Our office fruit delivery service is designed to be done on a regular basis and we currently have a large pool of regular customers. Just let us know your schedule and needs and we’ll work something out.

Where are you located and how do we contact you?

We are located at 22 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Center. You can contact us by phone at 6778 2621 or email at