Losing weight is such a big thing nowadays. People are always looking for the next power diet or magic pill. We’ll be the first to say that there’s no such thing and this box is no different. True weight loss requires discipline, exercise, a caloric deficit and right nutrition! And that’s where this box comes in.

Fruits here are chosen based on 2 factors: citrus level and fiber content. Citrus boosts metabolism and limits fat accumulation while fiber satiates and reduces cravings. The fruits are also low in calories and very nutritious, making them efficient caloric choices for any weight loss diet!


Tart and tangy with an underlying sweetness, grapefruit has a juiciness that rivals oranges and sparkles with similar benefits. In particular are its weight loss capabilities as a “negative calorie” food and various fat burning compounds.

KEY BENEFIT: Presence of a unique fat burning compound called Naringenin. Used in fat loss supplements, Naringenin triggers fat burn in the liver and causes fasting type benefits.


Avocados are extremely nutritious and pack a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals which makes them a staple in many healthy diets. They are also unique due to their high levels of healthy fats which satiate and lower cholesterol.

KEY BENEFIT: Dense, all rounded nutritional profile which contains virtually every type of vitamin, minerals galore and a huge range of healthy fats.


Sweet, juicy and renowned for its high levels of vitamin C, oranges are low in calories and full of nutrients! The citrus boosts immunity, promotes fat burn and lowers our risk for many diseases.

KEY BENEFIT: High Vitamin C boosts overall immunity by disarming free radicals and preventing cellular damage.

apple green

With a huge range of anti-oxidants and unique polyphenol matrix, the apple is a nutritional powerhouse that boosts immunity, fights cancer and asthma, supports the heart, aids with weight loss and improves overall health.

KEY BENEFIT: Decreases oxidation of cell membrane fats providing an effective defense against heart problems.


With its unique flavor, high profile nutrients, and health-promoting qualities, guavas a must have for any diet. Especially great for diabetics and those on weight loss diets as its low GI and high fiber content limits sugar absorption.

KEY BENEFIT: Extremely high levels of Vitamin C and fiber makes it an especially effective weight loss food. The Vitamin C encourages fat burn while the fiber satiates and suppresses cravings.


Watermelons are approximately 92% water, giving its flesh a juicy and thirst-quenching texture. Despite all the water, watermelons are extremely nutrient dense and are especially useful for skin care and weight loss due to its lycopene and Vitamin A.

KEY BENEFIT: Presence of citrulline leads to a wide range of benefits like promoting hair growth, cardiovascular support and limiting fat accumulation.


Lemons are powerful support additions to any diet as they aid in digestion and serve as effective cleansing agents due to its alkalizing nature. As a citrus fruit, lemons also contain many immune boosting, weight loss and skin repair benefits.

KEY BENEFIT: Lemon polyphenols significantly suppress weight gain by reducing fat accumulation in the blood and lowering insulin resistance.